Another year is starting and I'm looking forward to it.    Last year I had the fortune to work for a company that takes continuous learning seriously (Williams) and I was able to attend Java One.   Now 3 or 4 months later I'm still digesting all the things I learned - expect to see more of that information over the coming year.  

My new years resolution is to plan better for this group - both in getting external speakers and by better preparing for the presentations I'm responsible for.    I'd like to thank Darren for volunteering to present on Wed. 1/14/2015.  

At our meeting I'd like to take the time to map out the next 4 months of presentations and do some housekeeping for our group.   I want to hear what everyone else wants to accomplish and find out if anyone else would like to take on the role of president this year.   I'm willing to continue for another year but sometimes fresh blood is a good thing.   Please consider that and join us for a night of learning, food, and fun.  

We're back in our regular meeting room at TCC Southeast Campus - Room 4228   (2nd floor of the first building to the left of the main entrance - sort of behind the building that faces the entrance).  TCC is located at the intersection of 81st and Hwy 169.   We meet from 6PM - 8:30PM on the second Wed. of each month.  

A big thank you to Tek Systems, the most reliable sponsor we could ever ask to have.   They have been providing food and door prizes since the groups inception many years ago.  

Come warm up with us at this months developer group meeting on Wed 11/12/2014.  

Our Topic this month will be an introduction to Grails web services.   Our meeting starts at 6:00 PM with a 1/2 hour of food and networking.  This will be followed by a presentation and discussion of the Grails framework.    We'll wrap up with the door prize give-away.   So come have some fun, food, and learning!

Our meetings are held at Tulsa Community College SouthEast Campus (at 81st and Hwy 169).    We are in Room 4228 which is on the second floor of the building to the left and behind the building you see when you drive into the main entrance.  Thanks as always to our food and door prize sponsor : Tek Systems.


Andrew Chandler
President Tulsa Java Developers

Welcome back folks.   It's been a busy month with a week of it taken up by my attending the Java One conference in San Francisco.   
This month I'll be demonstrating parsing a pdf using the iText library to automate data imports.    I'll also be discussing my experience at the Java One conference - including topics such as the Java 8 Lambda's,  Improvements to the VM on the new First Robotics roboRio, and the Java DIO project.   

Come join us at TCC SouthEast campus.   We meet the second Wed. of every month in room 4228 at 6PM.   Thanks to our wonderful sponsor Tech Systems we have food, drink, and a door prize each month.  


TCC SouthEast is located at 81st and Hwy 169.    Room 4228 is on the second floor of the building to the left and behind the main admin building (which is directly in front of you when you drive into the colleges main entrance)


Well thanks to my company I'm able to attend JavaOne this year.    The crowd is quite large and some of the topics are quite interesting.   There is something for everyone (over 500 sessions) and a lot of useful information.   I've already attended one Java User Group Leader session which presented ideas for growing your group.    If you are interested the keynotes videos will be here soon:

Java One Videos

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