Well my Humming Board finally arrived today.  It only took 2 months from the time I ordered it, however I now have a shiny new quad core processor with two gigabytes of RAM that is the same form factor as the Raspberry Pi.  The Humming Board is different from the PI in that is has more memory a replaceable processor unit and it also has wifi and bluetooth option built in.  I'll post updates with more details on the specifications as I get to use it. Right now i have to go get a micro SD card

Welcome back to a new school year.   Wed Night we will have our monthly meeting  

We meet at 6:00 PM at Tulsa Community College - SouthEast Campus in room 4228. 

From 6:00 - 6:30 PM we have Pizza and drinks.  At 6:30 Darren will give a presentation on SCALA Macros. 

I want to thank everyone who attended the Java track at TechFest this past Friday.    I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout and as promised I'm working on getting the materials from my sessions up online.   I expect to start posting them tonight as I clean them up a little bit.    They will show up as attachments to this message probably by the end of the night and I'll update this post with additional information.


-- Update #1:   I've uploaded the Raspberry PI servo project.   In order to build it I recommend using Netbeans or another IDE that supports maven.   It is assumed you are either using a maven enabled IDE or that you have installed maven directly and know how to use it.   The code is not the prettiest in the world but it demonstrates the concept of how to Move Servo's.     I'll try to update this post more tomorrow and maybe cleanup and make the code a little more elegant.

Well I think this months meeting set a record as we were still going until 9PM!   Thank everyone for coming to our presentation on Android.   I'm gathering up the details and hope to have the tutorial up under the reference->Android menu either late tonight or tomorrow.. 

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