Happy New Year!

Wed 1/8/14 is our monthly meeting.   Please join us for food and technical discussions.   We will be planning our next 4 meetings and discussing more about Java SE on devices such as the PI.   Topics will include possibly contributing code to PI4J which is a library for accessing GPIO, I2C, and SPI on the Raspberry PI.  

Please see the event calendar for directions and details.  

Thanks go out to Tek Systems our food and door prize sponsor.  

Happy Holidays!

Don't forget this Wed. is our Christmas meeting!     Feel free to bring a desert and we'll have drinks and Pizza for dinner.

Please check the events listing for meeting dates.   Clicking on the event should bring up a map and details about where we meet.  

Also I wanted to pass along a contest that the folks that make JREBEL are having.   JRebel greatly speeds up the debugging process for Java.   All you have to do is click through the link below and follow the instructions.  Just make sure if you win you tell them you are affiliated with the Tulsa Java Development group - this prize will enable us to grow the group more. 

- Andrew Chandler
Tulsa Java Developers


From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I convinced my company, ZeroTurnaround, to give a big cash amount to a JUG to support local communities and they agreed! So I was wondering if you wanted it? :)

For every JUG member who enters the competition, the pot amount increases by $5 - So if 500 developers around the world enter, the pot will be $3000! That would come in handy right?

The winner will be picked at random and the JUG they belong to gets the whole pot of money. So, the more people from your JUG who enter, the more chance your JUG will win! So make sure you get as many people signed up as you can to stand the best chance of winning!

So here's how you can enter - Download a free 2 week JRebel trial. That's it! No, really, that's it! Plus, you can now enjoy coding as a kick ass Java developer with JRebel without horrible delays, redeploys and restarts - double win!

Don't forget to forward this round your JUG list to maximise the chances of winning!

Thanks, Simon
ZeroTurnaround Technical Evangelist
vJUG founder & LJC assistant organiser

P.S. Make sure entrants use the link above to enter, as they automatically add the promo code "JUG" which they need to enter the draw.

P.P.S See the ZeroTurnaround website for full terms and conditions.

Just testing the new Android publication app

Many developers are surprised when they find out there is a Java Developers Group.   Based on that response we've decided to setup a list of groups we are aware of.    If you run a technical group here in Tulsa and would like to be listed please send me a note giving me the name of the group, the language or technology you focus on, and a URL - send the email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thanks! - Andy.

Local Area Developer Groups  - Name, Topic, URL
Tulsa Java Developers Java / Android / JEE / Groovy / Grails www.tulsajava.com
Tulsa .NET Developers All the .NET technologies including C#, VB.NET, ASP, etc www.tulsadevelopers.net
Tulsa Web Devs  Web technologies including JavaScript, PHP and more! tulsawebdevs.org
Tulsa MS SQL Users Group MS SQL Server tulsasql.com


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